since the casual look is really growing on me, i like to call it the i-don’t-care-look (because i think there’s a boring tone in the word casual- don’t you agree?) and decided to share one with you again. 

at cold days i love to dress up in layers. like today, where i am wearing a crop top (!), a real nice knitted cardigan, and my denim levi’s jacket. together with the nikes, it’s quite a casual look, which i like.

i had to throw in some assecoires like a necklace, the upper arm bracelet which i am using as a normal bracelet these days (cold cold cold) and my big blue ring ( which I bought more than two years ago at h&m – but surprisingly still wear almost every day cause i still have a huge crush on it. )  to give it a little more swag.

so that’s that, what do you think of layering tick pieces of cloth for fall (well it’s feeling a lot like winter here in the netherlands)? do you like the idea of wearing short over long items like i did today?
crop top:  pull & bear
nnitted cardigan: weekday MTWTFSS
jacket: levi’s
sneakers: nike
ring: h&m
upper arm bracelet: the style lion
photography by: marein van hooff

XOXO, daphny

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